Other Works

The Reunion

Ray Summers and Bill Gateway found it hard to believe it was going to be 50 years since the end of World War II. They had become lifelong friends on a beach in the Philippines during that turbulent time. Even though they lived on opposite sides of the country, the distance didn’t keep them from staying in touch and watching each other’s families grow. A reunion with their WWII military unit would be a great opportunity to get old comrades together to celebrate and remember a time when they were all part of history. They hoped all their planning would culminate in a reunion to remember. Little did they realize this reunion would involve a change in plans so drastic it would put all of them in harm’s way one more time. It would take one of their highly decorated, military sons to help bring them all home safely and keep several countries from going to war. This is an adventure story whose pages are interwoven with bravery, treachery, and political intrigue.



The Retirement

Jon Summers is missing! Retired and doing animal research in the Canadian north woods, he is attacked by hired killers. At the same time back home, family members and some old friends are kidnapped, being held hostage at the family cabin. Included are several high-ranking politicians. The goal, break of an old enemy out of prison. Shock waves course through the law enforcement and intelligence communities as information sources and communications are compromised. Rescue attempts fail. Spies and conspirators seem to lurk everywhere. Traditional tactics and methods for freeing the hostages are rendered useless, frustrating authorities.

Unbeknownst to the kidnappers a shadowy figure shrouded by fog lurks in the forest, stalking them. Spirits of the forest are angered and ghosts from the past resurrected. Joined by the Summers family and an interesting assortment of mysterious characters, they unite to face this clever and ruthless enemy. With hostages in jeopardy and time running out they must act. How will they foil the kidnappers plan? Will they be able to free the hostages before they are sacrificed?