The Superintendent

The superintendent of the United States Naval Academy and his driver interrupt an attack on a local girl and are shot by the attacker. The driver is killed and the superintendent seriously wounded. Because of the high profile of the crime and sensitive political issues, there is a demand for someone with special talents to temporarily replace the fallen officer.

Ready to retire, Rear Admiral Jonathan Summers is pressed into service for one last assignment as interim superintendent of the academy. The academy graduate, former Navy SEAL, naval intelligence officer, and Medal of Honor recipient soon finds himself embroiled in all the politics surrounding the admission of one of the academy’s newest midshipmen. Additionally, he is thrust into an ongoing investigation of a series of murders that are linked to the shooting of the academy superintendent.

Summers faces demons from his past that could turn his career upside down while watching an increasing body count in an expanding investigation. With a manipulating politician and a serial killer both setting their sights on him, Summers must maneuver through his assignment without dishonoring the institution he now runs.